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Zoran Dernovsek was born on 27 July 1959 in Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). He graduated from electrical engineering school and later taught at the Natural Technical High School for several years. After Slovenia gained independence, he graduated from the Officers' School and studied at several universities in Slovenia and the United Kingdom (administration, law, MBA, finance).

After 2000 he worked in family businesses as a consultant (business, financial, tax, project) and dealt with ecology.

RENS was created in 2014 from the product VINS (long-lasting odor-neutralizing litter for animals), whose development has been ongoing since 2011.

Zoran has been an innovator and inventor since he was 12 years old, when he came up with one of the best known solutions to Archimedes' puzzle "Square Circle" (published in Presek, journal for mathematic and physic).

In the former Yugoslavia and later in Slovenia, others have acquired most of his ideas, inventions and innovations on behalf of joint ownership. Since similar things began to happen in Slovenia in 2011, when he was on the threshold of discovering VINS, in 2012 he moved with his family to Italy.

RENS belongs to phytopharmacy and microbiology, and Zoran is assisted by doctors, dentists, phyto pharmacists and microbiologists (without disclosing the formula) in the interpretation and practical application for prevention and healing in medicine and dentistry.

As a former active athlete, he has often encountered sports medicine in the past, and has had to build on this knowledge significantly in the RENS research period, since it also has a strong potential for formulas RENS.

As a curious person, he has been involved in various fields throughout his life, most often in the fields of science, biology, and now medicine. You can find more about it in various articles, videos, interviews, etc., part of which are available online.

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