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Several protocols are used in the treatment of autism, the role of the RENS Protocol is to detoxify and speed up the repair of damaged parts of the body. As a rule, the combination of proper protocols provide the best and the fastest results.

However, since the speed and efficiency of detoxification depends on other factors, biomedical protocols DAN, MAPS, TACA or the like are used. The biomedical protocol takes care of: dieting (as needed), stabilization of vitamins and minerals in the body, establishing processes in which the digestive tract can take more of the necessary substances from food, and control any other hidden problems.

In order to enter the biomedical protocol, certain laboratory tests have to be performed, some of which are repeated regularly. Test results are also monitored within the RENS Protocol as they can show how to optimize or adapt the protocol to the individual's needs.

If a person does not already have a biomedical physician selected (licensed physicians specializing in autism), he or she may contact one of the physicians we work with. Certain benefits (discounts on the cost of tests, medical examinations, postage) are related to membership of the DAN Society for Autism. In order to cooperate with the doctor, a special questionnaire must be filled out, as well as for ordering test kits (samples are taken at home, according to the instructions, test kits with samples are sent to a laboratories abroad.)


I recommend that you gather the basic information first and provide it to the RENS practitioner

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Brief explanation of ATEC test results (they are free of charge) - values ​​go from 0 to 180 points

  • scores above 20 points are suspected of autism

  • scores from 35 to 50 points indicate a milder form of autism. developmental lag

  • scores from 50 to 85 points represent the mean rate of autism

  • scores above 85 points are usually already more severe in autism

To the extent that if the child is hyperactive, aggressive, self-destructive, etc. then it is very likely he/she have an intolerance and / or allergy to a particular type of food. Intolerance is determined by urine testing (UPA), allergies are determined by IGg blood tests.


The hypersensitivity of a child (excessive sensitivity) to sound, light or anything else indicates a high degree of brain poisoning that can develop (if not already present) into epileptic seizures. Here it is imperative to do a hair and urine test (HMT and OAT) as soon as possible.

Stomach cramps or aggressive scratching of the abdomen indicates digestive problems that can be caused by food intolerance or allergy, as well as excessive amounts of bad bacteria, mold or parasites in the gastrointestinal tract. The latter is measured by the Organic Acid Urine Test
(OAT), and may also be measured by the stool test (Stool - essential for parasite detection).


The situation in both protocols is regularly checked with a hair test (HMT & Essentials), which shows us the state of brain fluid; the amount of toxic metals and the state of essential minerals. As a rule, the HMT test is performed every 2 months, other tests are done initially and repeated as needed or every 6 to 12 months, as instructed by the biomedical physician.




The RENS Protocol is implemented according to the detoxification program. In the case of uncontrolled outbreaks, Na citrate (sodium ascorbate or other citrate) is used where the regular daily dose can be exceeded up to 3x (7-10 days in a row) or 5x (up to 3 days). In the case of several days of high overdose, the intake daily dose of mineral / vitamin supplements prescribed by your doctor will increase by 50-100% daily.



Problems of autists are very diverse, so both protocols need to be tailored to the individual in order to get the best possible effect as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is mandatory to write a diary that is sent to the RENS practitioner at least once a month (email: ), and more frequently if necessary. The diary is kept in a single file, which is only updated.
In specific situations and as needed, you can arrange a personal or video consultation with one of the RENS practitioners.


All information found on this site is for informational purposes only. I urge visitors to confirm or verify the information provided in other available sources. Patients and users should check the possibility of using RENS with their physicians. The information on this page is not intended to replace the information you receive from your doctors.
The author and owner of the site is not a doctor or healer, and the information given is the result of the use and development of protocols to date that may be complementary. I would like to point out that when using protocols it is necessary to take into account that we are different people and that the same dosage does not have to correspond to everyone according to basic information. In cases where a discrepancy is found, contact the protocol provider for dosage adjustments.
The author accepts no responsibility for possible complications in the event of incorrect use of protocols or the RENS formula.

The RENS product has been tested in certified laboratories for safety and cleanliness, production and distribution according to HACCP principles.

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