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In cancer therapies, multiple protocols can be used at the same time, the role of the RENS Protocol is to detoxify and restore the damaged parts of the body more quickly. Before using a combination of protocols, it is mandatory to check that they are compatible with each other.


I recommend that you gather the basic information first and provide it to the RENS providers

  • History of the disease

  • Description of the current situation

  • Medical records

  • Age, gender, height, weight

  • Medicines to be taken (type, dosage)

  • Others (therapies, results, etc.) that are performed or have been performed after the first suspected disease

According to the findings of a German scientist, dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970) of 1923 (he was therefore awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931) is the main cause of the cancer cells' anaerobic appearance. "Lack of oxygen and acidification are two sides of the same coin: if someone has one, he have also the other. If you deprive a healthy cell of 35% of its oxygen, it can be turned into a cancer cell within two days. All normal cells have an absolute need for oxygen, and tumors can live without it. It's a rule without exception."


In cancer, the greatest risk come from metastasis which spreading throughout the body from tumors and causing new areas of necrophilic (dead) tissues or tumors, which simultaneously deplete the organism, if this exhaustion goes too far, death follows. Therefore, the first part of the therapy is devoted to the fight against metastasis, and in parallel, attempts are made to penetrate and destroy the tumor.


Tumors create an area of acidification around their outer edges that prevents the immune system from successfully coping with them. Therefore, even red blood cells cannot deliver oxygen to this area and its remains anaerobic.

Similar problems were solved by an oncologist from Rome, dr. Tulio Simoncelli, by injecting saline with the addition of baking soda directly into the tumor. His theory is that cancer is caused by mold Candida.

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The weight calculation is used for use, keeping in mind that the most accurate dosage is 6-12 drops at a time. The calculation shows us the dosages we need. The first phase usually lasts 1-3 months.

For adults (H AC or H AC F versions, same for HN), personal weight in kg divided by 7 is taken into account and rounded up. The obtained number of drops is taken 3 times daily in the first phase and at least 2 times daily in the second phase.

For big children (versions H AC BK or H AC BK F, same for HN AC BK), personal weight in kg divided by 3.5 is taken into account and rounded up. The obtained number of drops is taken 3 times daily in the first phase and at least 2 times daily in the second phase.

For young children (versions H AC JK or H AC JK F, same for HN AC JK), personal weight in kg divided by 1.5 is taken into account and rounded up. The obtained number of drops is taken 3 times daily in the first phase and at least 2 times daily in the second phase.



Use of sodium ascorbate (Na citrate, may also be Ca or Mg citrate), regular (2-3x daily), 100-120 mg / kg body weight. For pain, this dose can be taken at one time, if not better, it can be repeated within 15 minutes, after which it is obligatory to take at least 4 hours break.

Maximum daily doses can also reach 10x a regular daily dose, but when dosing over 3x a daily dose, multivitamin and multi mineral beverages should be added.

3-5 minutes before larger meals, a small teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil is also taken.

The use of citrus (mandarin) and watermelon is recommended.
It is recommended to use ground peeled industrial hemp seeds. CBD may be added and THC is not advised.
It is sensible to introduce a partial diet. White sugar, red meat, the meat of larger sea fish are eliminated.
At least 50% of raw food (fruits, vegetables) should be included in the weekly diet.




Soak the fruits and vegetables in warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda for 10-15 minutes before use, then rinse under running water. This eliminates most of the poisons from the outer envelope. shells.


Because we use higher doses, the full daily dose occurs gradually (faster increases are used in more aggressive cancers)

  • for adults, the daily dose is increased every 3-5 days

  • for children, the daily dose is increased every 4-6 days

  • it starts from 20-30% of the calculated daily dose (taking 3 x daily), increases in steps of 10-15%, up to the full dose

  • as a rule, the protocol is carried out for at least 3 months (or more, if necessary) on the formula H AC F (HN AC F) and at a 3x daily dose. If the tumor disappears during this time, then continue with the 2x daily dose for 2x as long as the first phase lasted

  • in the case of a type of cancer that affects the gastrointestinal tract directly or indirectly, the use of the HN AC F formula is advised




Shake the bottle well and applicate the drop onto your finger. Lubricate drop on the gums or place it under the tongue. If the drop is not dark, you have not shaken the bottle enough. The exception is with the JK versions where the drops are brighter.

You can also check the proper mixing by turning the closed bottle upside down and looking at the light, the bottom should be transparent.

Drops are usually taken at least 60 minutes after other medications or supplements. 15 minutes before and after the use of the drops do not drink or eat.

In therapy, it is recommended that you write a journal to help you as much as you need to change (individualize) the protocol.

The diary must include: consecutive day of therapy, date, number and type of drops and the same for medication, a brief description of the observations (differences from the average).

Dosage in the home environment is usually done by lubricating the drops on the front gums or placing the drops under the tongue for 3-5 minutes (powder form + oil, etc.). Daily dosing establishes an optimal dose in one week of regular use in the blood (RENS is effective approximately one week after use, half-life is 3-4 days, and is eliminated completely after 10-14 days).


All information found on this site is for informational purposes only. I urge visitors to confirm or verify the information provided in other available sources. Patients and users should check the possibility of using RENS with their physicians. The information on this page is not intended to replace the information you receive from your doctors.
The author and owner of the site is not a doctor or healer, and the information given is the result of the use and development of protocols to date that may be complementary. I would like to point out that when using protocols it is necessary to take into account that we are different people and that the same dosage does not have to correspond to everyone according to basic information. In cases where a discrepancy is found, contact the protocol provider for dosage adjustments.
The author accepts no responsibility for possible complications in the event of incorrect use of protocols or the RENS formula.

The RENS product has been tested in certified laboratories for safety and cleanliness, production and distribution according to HACCP principles.

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