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The nutritional supplement RENS (Rapid Effect Natural Supplement - a natural quick-acting supplement ) belongs to the phytopharmacy and microbiology segment, and its discovery credits goes to the author of this site.

Algae are otherwise known in detoxification processes that have been used for centuries. Algae are also known to produce about 96% of all oxygen in the world. Organic sulfur from plants (MSM) is known from studies which show that MSM can break down the glyphosate structure, which can then be excreted out from our body (glyphosate as a whole generally accumulates in our bodies).

Glyphosate very often inhibits the functioning of our internal process of bodily detoxification.

The RENS formula is made exclusively from natural ingredients of plant origin, the origin of which is controlled for purity of sources, originally is made in powder form. In this form and with proper storage, the shelf life is unlimited. In mixtures, shelf life is usually determined by the carrier substance (oil, cream, etc.) and the storage method.

The basic ingredients of the formula are: green, blue and red algae, chlorophyll. No chemical additives are used in the manufacturing process.

Activated algae are used and are cleaned of impurities by a special process. The term activated is used here primarily to highlight the difference between free-market algae containing traces of impurities and those used in the RENS formula. Activated algae work much faster than normal at first, but later their speed drops, allowing RENS to be eliminated from the body. As the rate of action decreases with time of use, the necessary optimal dose in the body should be maintained with regular dosing.

RENS works through the bloodstream. It requires water (H2O) and CO2 to function effectively.

In the human or animal organism, RENS acts as a natural catalyst to enable the body to restore its natural function of self-preservation and self-defense.

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This is achieved through its distinctive work in three areas

  • Forced oxygenation (algae deliver extra oxygen to all cells in the body, revealing defective cells of the anaerobic or necrophilic type, anaerobic cells destroy extra O2, thus replacing the defective cells with healthy, stem cells. The process forcibly supplies healthy cells with additional O2. resulting in additional combustion and higher energy levels. In the same process, algae acquire additional oxygen by converting CO2 >> O2 + C, carbon bind)

  • Alkalization (alkalization of the body to a healthy state between Ph 6,8 and Ph 7,2; also, this alkalization inhibits the accumulation of lactic acid or other acids. This part of the process is especially important in situations where damaged cells are replaced by healthy ones, since The process itself acidifies the environment. Many diseases also protect their foci by acidifying the environment, making it harder or even impossible for the immune system to function faster.)

  • Purification (purification of toxins, pesticides, heavy and radioactive metals from the blood and organism, including from the liver, kidneys and bones; heavy metals are often deposited in the liver and cause malfunctioning of the body, since the liver is the control body for over 1500 internal processes, specifically filtering and controlling gland function.


The dosage may be given directly into the blood, intravenously - IV (powder form + saline), such use should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Dosing in the home environment is usually done by lubricating the droplets on the front gums or by dropping them under the tongue for 3-5 minutes (powder form + oil, etc.). Daily dosing establishes an optimal dose for one week in the blood (RENS is effective approximately one week after ingestion, half-life is 3-4 days, and is eliminated completely after 10-14 days).

Based on the RENS H formula, creams and sprays are also made >>>


All information found on this site is for informational purposes only. I urge visitors to confirm or verify the information provided in other available sources. Patients and users should check the possibility of using RENS with their physicians. The information on this page is not intended to replace the information you receive from your doctors.
The author and owner of the site is not a doctor or healer, and the information given is the result of the use and development of protocols to date that may be complementary. I would like to point out that when using protocols it is necessary to take into account that we are different people and that the same dosage does not have to correspond to everyone according to basic information. In cases where a discrepancy is found, contact the protocol provider for dosage adjustments.
The author accepts no responsibility for possible complications in the event of incorrect use of protocols or the RENS formula.

The RENS product has been tested in certified laboratories for safety and cleanliness, production and distribution according to HACCP principles.

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