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Lower daily amounts are suitable for preventive use. Such use helps the body to detoxify more easily and also helps it to increase its endurance by supplying additional oxygen and slowing down the activity of lactic acid and CO2.


For the preventive use of the RENS droplets, it is recommended to choose the H or HN formula, also in version F. Both formulas use extra virgin olive oil as an auxiliary.

  • Formula H is the basic detoxification formula, with F added organic sulfur (MSM) in version F for easier glyphosate removal

  • The HN formula was created because of the need to act on the digestive tract in addition to detoxifying the body. In version F, organic sulfur (MSM) is added to it.

  • All drops are made in adult versions (over 50kg personal weight), for big children (20-50kg personal weight) and for young children (up to 20kg personal weight).

For preventive use, a weight calculation is used, taking into account that the most accurate dosage is 6-12 drops at a time. The calculation shows us the recommended daily preventive doses.

For adults (H or H F versions, same for HN), a personal weight in kg divided by 14 is taken into account and the result is rounded up. The number obtained represents the number of drops consumed daily.
For big children (versions H BK or H BK F, the same with HN BK), personal weight in kg divided by 7 is taken into account and the result is rounded up. The number obtained represents the number of drops consumed daily.
For young children (versions H JK or H JK F, same for HN JK), personal weight in kg divided by 3 is taken into account and the result is rounded up. The number obtained represents the number of drops consumed daily.

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Shake the bottle well and drop the droplets onto your finger. This lubricates the gums or places them under the tongue. If the droplet is not dark, you have not shaken the bottle enough. The exception is with the JK versions where the droplets are brighter.

You can also check the proper mixing by turning the closed bottle upside down and looking at the light, the bottom should be transparent.

Drops are usually taken in the evening, at bedtime, for at least 60 minutes following other medications. 15 minutes before and after the use of the drops does not drink or eat.




RENS creams are made on the basis of the RENS H formula and can be used alone or in combination with drops. In the case of a combination with drops, the cream can be applied up to 10%, and in the case of a single use on the surface up to 25% of the skin at a time.

The cream works synergistically with the drops, it enhances the effect of the RENS formula on the desired part of the body. The creams are stored at temperatures which not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, and at higher temperatures they go into a liquid state. Keeping them in the fridge extends their shelf life.


Creams are also useful for children, and appropriate drops can be used. For children, it is recommended to use RENS H S cream.


Types of RENS cream

  • RENS H S, Sensitive, based on pure edible coconut oil, for the care of the most sensitive parts of the body and for children.

  • RENS H B, Beauty, based on coconut, shea and cocoa oil, for day care of the aged skin, after sunbathing or other skin loads.

  • RENS H N, Neutro, based on pharmacy white cream base, for the care of sensitive body parts

  • RENS H BR, Burn Repair, pharmacy-based ointment, for the care of damaged parts of the body, for burns and allergies

  • RENS H AS, Anti Scar, for eliminating scars and hard parts of the body, e.g. on soles

If you accidentally expose the cream to a higher temperature and go into a liquid state, shake it (tightly closed) and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes and then place it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. The cream will be useful again.



RENS sprays are made on the basis of the RENS H formula. As a rule, they are used on their own or in combination with creams.

Types of RENS sprays

  • RENS H SY D, Dental, for use in dentistry, based on sesame oil

  • RENS H SY S, System, for general use, based on avocado oil



All information found on this site is for informational purposes only. I urge visitors to confirm or verify the information provided in other available sources. Patients and users should check the possibility of using RENS with their physicians. The information on this page is not intended to replace the information you receive from your doctors.
The author and owner of the site is not a doctor or healer, and the information given is the result of the use and development of protocols to date that may be complementary. I would like to point out that when using protocols it is necessary to take into account that we are different people and that the same dosage does not have to correspond to everyone according to basic information. In cases where a discrepancy is found, contact the protocol provider for dosage adjustments.
The author accepts no responsibility for possible complications in the event of incorrect use of protocols or the RENS formula.

The RENS product has been tested in certified laboratories for safety and cleanliness, production and distribution according to HACCP principles.

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