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We also label the Anti Virus RENS Protocol with the AVD Protocol RENS (AVD = Anti Virus Detox)

At the very beginning of the development of my first formulas, even for the needs of prolonged VINS animals (bedding prevents odors and disease transmissions), we noticed (and later confirmed this in laboratories) when testing used litter samples that the formula was quickly and effectively acts on viruses, bacteria and mold. When a sample is placed on a culture medium, nothing happens first. However, when you add a drop of water to the sample, the formula sterilizes the medium in a few 10 milliseconds.


Later, when the development of the RENS formula began, this property was first exploited through the use of open wounds, which did not only prevent purulent wounds, but also healed faster. When the RENS formula was developed in a similar form as it is used today (drops) in late 2015, we began testing it for various purposes.


At the end of 2016, the first stronger formula was developed, RENS HH +, when was tested for influenza, formula eliminated it within 4-72 hours (a large range is due to internal biochemical differences between humans and the different stages in which we started therapy).


Subsequently, HH + (HH + F) and HN + (HN + F) formulas are most successful in viral diseases of various types. The formulas have been tested for various types of herpes viruses, chicken pox and smallpox, colds, flu and measles and chronic hepatitis. The times required for healing or regeneration of the organism are very different, and in the cases of corona viruses are generally much shorter than 7 days.


Because we have only zero cases for some diseases (at most a few successful treatments), case studies and clinical studies are needed to verify and prove the results, which should be done by doctors. The same applies to the current SARS-CoVid-2 virus (COVID 19).

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The AVD RENS Protocol is in use as a preventive or as a healing.


The weight calculation is used for use, taking into account that the most accurate dosage is 6-12 drops at a time. The calculation shows us the dosages we need.


For adults (HH + or HH + F versions, the same for HN +), personal weight / 14 is considered and the result is rounded up. The number of drops obtained is taken twice a day in prevention and 3 times a day in curative.


For large children (versions HH BK + or HH BK + F, the same with HN BK +), personal weight / 7 is taken into account and the result is rounded up. The number of drops obtained is taken twice a day in prevention and 3 times a day in curative.


For young children (HH JK + or HH JK + F versions, same for HN JK +), personal weight / 3 is taken into account, rounding the result upwards. The number of drops obtained is taken twice a day in prevention and 3 times a day in curative.


We are preparing an optimized formula for the RENS AVD Protocol called RENS AVD (versions: Adult, Teenager, Junior)




  • Use of sodium ascorbate (sodium citrate, may also be Ca or Mg citrate), regular (2-3x daily), 75-100 mg / kg body weight.

  • 3-5 minutes before larger meals, a small teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil is also taken.

  • It is recommended to eat citrus fruits (tangerines) and other fruits.

Because these are higher doses, the full daily dose is gradually achieved

  • for adults, the daily dose is increased every 2-4 days

  • for children, the daily dose is increased every 3-5 days


  • it starts from 20-30% of the calculated daily dose, increases in steps of 10-15%, to the full dose

  • the calculated dose is taken in two parts, morning and evening


  • it starts from 15-20% of the calculated daily dose, increases in steps of 10-15% to the full dose

  • the calculated dose is taken in three portions, morning, noon and evening




Shake the bottle well and applicate the drop onto your finger. Lubricate drop on the gums or place it under the tongue. If the drop is not dark, you have not shaken the bottle enough. The exception is with the JK versions where the drops are brighter.

You can also check the proper mixing by turning the closed bottle upside down and looking at the light, the bottom should be transparent.

Drops are usually taken in the evening, at bedtime, for at least 60 minutes after other medications or supplements. 15 minutes before and after the use of the drops do not drink or eat.

In therapy, it is recommended that you write a journal to help you as much as you need to change (individualize) the protocol.

The diary must include: consecutive day of therapy, date, number and type of drops and the same for medication, a brief description of the observations (differences from the average).

Dosage in the home environment is usually done by lubricating the drops on the front gums or placing the drops under the tongue for 3-5 minutes (powder form + oil, etc.). Daily dosing establishes an optimal dose in one week of regular use in the blood (RENS is effective approximately one week after use, half-life is 3-4 days, and is eliminated completely after 10-14 days).




The COVID-19 (CV19) or SARS-CoVid-2 virus is a corona virus and is known to contain genetic signatures of SARS (from bats, the most dangerous strain) and HIV.

It spreads quickly and covertly, mainly because in the first phase of incubation, which lasts 2-5 days, it attacks only the upper respiratory tract and the symptoms are usually mild, similar like ordinary flu. In the second phase of incubation, which lasts 7-24 days, it attacks the lungs and causes signs of aggressive chronic pneumonia, which first causes respiratory problems and later can destroy lung function. In cured cases, CT scans confirmed reduced pulmonary function by 20-30%..

It is less known that HIV (AIDS) has been fully cured in the past, an article in the American newspaper came out in 1974, and after that the doctor who achieved this success was not heard again. In the article, the doctor said he had cured HIV with green algae therapy.

The CV19 virus binds to the same ACE2 macrophage (white blood cell) receptors as HIV and SARS, as well as some others (GRP78, CD147), so it was reasonable to assume that the faster and stronger algae-based RENS formula would be even more effective, which has also been proven in practice. However, the null case is under-documented, so we would need at least a case study or a clinical study to confirm our positive results.

We also do not know to what degree / stage of the disease we can still be successful (the null case was resolved immediately after the first positive test). After the Chinese study, which claims that up to 80% of errors (false positives) can be in standard tests (now used worldwide for CV19 checks) things are even more unclear.

It is now clear that virus can remain in the body for at least 38 days from the first infection (end of the first incubation phase) and that about 14% of "recurrences" have been found in the treated.

Because the infection also affects other organs, the CV19 test can be positive for stool, blood, saliva. In the second stage of the disease, changes are already visible on CT scans of the lung.

Spreading: drip and aerosol (aerosol spread will slow down significantly at higher outdoor temperatures).

According to the data available so far, the persistence of the virus is 4 hours to 4 days (depending on surface and temperature).

Infectiousness occurs after the first incubation phase is completed.

PREVENTIVE with the RENS AVD Protocol usually prevents development of the first stage, so that it does not even become infectious except possible contact transmission. We could avoid that by consistent hygiene and by consistently disinfecting clothing and footwear upon returning home.

The dressing is already disinfected with normal washing at least 40 degrees Celsius in the washing machine.

ADDITIONAL: The CV19 virus mutates rapidly, the most common in minor variations, but there is one larger one, which has been given a special name. The best prevention is to strengthen own immune system, in addition to following the rules of the epidemic.


If the immune system is weakened or overloaded, e.g. with vaccines or something (medicines), CV19 infection can be significantly riskier, regardless of age. It should be borne in mind that such epidemics have multiple waves, and this is expected to slow the epidemic through the summer and re-emerge in the fall.

WARNING: Doctors are warning all those who have had the seasonal flu vaccine to stay at least 12 weeks after being vaccinated in self isolation, because of the contraindications of this vaccine is a developing more severe form of CV19.


Rapid mutations of the virus will prevent any vaccine to be effective, but they can put us at risk as long as we are infected.

To strengthen the immune system, it is recommended that you regularly take Vitamin C (in a non-acidic form, as in our other protocols, like sodium ascorbate or some citrate) and multivitamins, preferably from food.

Non-acidic vitamin C can be made at home from baking soda (half a teaspoonful), juice of 1-3 lemons and water or sweetened tea. Procedure: Baking soda into a glass, add lemon juice, wait for the reaction to pass (foam), add liquid and drink, at room temperature. It makes sense that such a beverage is prepared on an ongoing basis.

Avoid iced drinks, hot or hot drinks are more appropriate.

So here are some possible solutions: getting over it (at least partial immunity) or a cure (which is not yet available, but there are more existing drugs that have some positive effects, the Chinese have achieved the most with high IV doses of non-acidic vitamin C).

(sources: Chinese Studies, American Studies, Professional Articles)



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